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Hi it's Ziv Simon,

I'm so excited to send you a free copy of my new book: The Best Flap Designs!

I've invested time and energy in putting together 24 different flap design to give the most powerful tools to master incisions outlines and flap designs so you can experience success and growth in surgery.

My goal is to help 100,000 dentists to increase their surgical skills and get to the next level. This is why I set up a system that will send this important guide to any dentist who wants to succeed. You'll pay nothing for the actual book - All I ask is that you cover the automatic handling and shipping.

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1.Functional Crown Lengthening 2.Esthetic Crown Lengthening 3.Frenectomy 4.Gingivectomy 5.Tuberosity reduction 6.Free gingival graft 7.Soft tissue ridge augmentation 8.Connective tissue graft(recipient) 9.Connective tissue graft(donor) 10.Localized pouch 11.Papilla sparing 12.Implant uncovering 13.Coronally advanced flap 14.Tunneling 15.Sliding flap 16.Rotated palatal flap 17.Lip repositioning 18.Punch approach 19. 1/2 punch 20.Implant tissue reduction 21.Mid crestal approach 22.Palatal approach 23.Palatal roll 24.Contour graft

 Why am I giving the book away?

Because you guys around the world have been AMAZING to me and I've already impacted so many of you. Now I just want to give a few thousand booklets out as thanks. I obviously can't afford to do this forever, so please get your copy now before they're all gone! I bought it for you - so you don't pay for the book itself, which is $39.95 sold separately on our website! I just ask you to pay your shipping so I can buy more books to give out. 

I want you to think like a surgeon

Years ago I realized that the all top surgeons in the world have something in common: They think differently about incisions and flaps. They have a specific logic and systems to get those incredible surgical outcomes.  Top surgeons excel in Incision and flap design. They know how to execute the best incision for maximum surgical success and minimum risk. I distilled this knowledge from my 20 years of experience as a periodontist and an implant specialist practicing in Beverly Hills, California. 

Get the step-by-step, illustrations, summary tables to integrate it in crown lengthening surgery, gingivectomies,  grafting, implants and many more!
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1. FREE copy of Best Flap design book

Learn to think like a surgeon with detailed step-by-step flap designs for 24 surgical procedures. over 100 illustrations, tables and flap checklists. Follow the instructions to maximize success.

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SurgicalMaster will review your current level in surgery and provide you with action steps that will take you from wherever you are at right now and get you to the next level  (whether you're a beginner or an advanced surgeon). 

3. FREE Surgical Roadmap Audio program

You'll learn about the roadmap from a beginner to a master implant surgeon. What courses to take, what organizations to join, how to find a mentor and what are the steps needed to master implant surgery.

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With The Best Flap Designs, you can easily visualize the outcomes of your planned procedures beautifully. It gives you the designs and the roadmap to thoughtfully plan complex periodontal surgeries in a

simple and concise format.


Dr. Katherine Cooke Lara


"“Ziv Simon is a true master for all the dentists out there. Not only is he the best at what he does, but his passion and love to educate dentists is intoxicating” "

Dr. Kamil Abou-Kheir
Ottawa, Canada

* Free means you are not paying for the actual booklet. Best Flap Designs for $39.95, but we actually bought it for you. We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it so we can give away as many as possible all around the world.

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