Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening (2 Payment Option)

2 monthly payments of $823.00 USD

Subtotal: 2 monthly payments of $823.00 USD
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Due Now: $823.00 USD
  • Learn to plan incisions & flaps
  • Step-by-step surgical instructions
  • Videos and more resources teaching you crown lengthening surgery
  • Fully interactive and...FUN!

The program includes these bonuses:

  1. The Crown lengthening STRATEGY training, AUDIO program on crown lengthening
  2. Foundational implantology training- online course
  3. NEXT LEVEL implant training for GPs
  4. The SYSTEMS & PROTOCOLS online course + physical book
  5. Access to the Facebook Surgical Mastermind group
  6. SurgicalMaster T-shirt
  7. SurgicalMaster Scrubs


What dentists are saying...

“Ziv Simon is devoted to teaching dentists how to achieve surgical success.  His advice is comprehensive and SO useful and PRACTICAL. He is the general dentist’s best friend!”

Carl D. Werts, DDS, Glendale, California

“Ziv is the ULTIMATE mentor. I'm now successful in crown lengthening. He's informative, concise and methodical to allow dentists create surgical success. I listen to him in the car and get educated and inspired . Thank you, Ziv, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge”

Rick Glassman, DDS, Weslake Village, California

“He is teaching dentists how to become better, faster He is teaching dentists how to become better, faster and more efficient through his legendary SurgicalMaster. Wherever he's teaching, don't walk - RUN!”

Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Founder & Publisher of DentalTown

“There are no other teachers like Ziv! His passion is contagious. He took the complexity out of this procedure so any dentist can feel comfortable performing it. I loved the course! ”

Jeffrey Rosenberg, DDS, Philadelphia

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Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening (2 Payment Option) 2 monthly payments of $823.00 USD
Apply a coupon
Sales Tax:
Due Now $823.00 USD

This product has been carefully designed for licensed dentists wishing to enhance their knowledge in the surgical aspects of dentistry. It is mean to educate and motivate to perform predictable, safe and esthetic surgical procedures.

The information presented in this course, although detailed and specific, is generalized in nature. The lectures and other educational materials that are presented in this course are meant to educate dentists in the practice of surgery and related procedures and processes. It is understood that this information is meant for licensed dentists in good ethical and legal standing and not to be perceived as the only mean to learn and perform surgery in a private practice clinical setting. There are many more methods to learn and supplement your knowledge through, books, articles, videos, mentoring, hands-on courses, webinars, specialty training, dedicated university and private courses as well continued education and clinical practice. This course does not provide a specialty certificate or a recognized expertise in surgery. Doctors need to have surgical skills, know the relevant surgical anatomy, know instruments and their use as well as be knowledgable about the rules and regulations in regards to the practice of surgery in their place of practice.

The SurgicalMaster brand, Pranadent LLC and Ziv Simon are dedicated to enhance your knowledge in the surgical procedures. These entities will give you full support in regards to clinical questions to the best of their knowledge and will also provide further resources in the future. Additional courses and training will be needed in the future to supplement the knowledge of dentists. The SurgicalMaster, Pranadent LLC and Ziv Simon are not be held responsible for any treatment complications, failures, side effects or any other negative outcomes. It is understood that complications and failures can occur even under the best of efforts and circumstances and that the doctor performing the procedures has the full responsibility for the treatment, as well as the patient(s) well-being including any future corrective or supportive treatment.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from the day of purchase. The guarantee relates to the purchaser's satisfaction of the digital and physical product as an educational method. There is no guarantee for any clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction or anything else beyond the doctor's subjective opinion of the product. If not pleased with the product(s) as an education tool a full refund will be awarded upon return of the physical products. Physical products need to be shipped back to Ziv Simon, 9400 Brighton Way #311, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 for a full refund. All physical products need to be shipped in trackable ways (FedEx, UPS, or certified mail with signature receipt). A full refund will be granted once the product has been received and within the warranty period.

All access to digital products will remain even if physical products are returned for a refund. However, in case if copyright or intellectual property infringement, a particular individual can be denied access to all current and future products at the discretion of Ziv Simon and Pranadent LLC. Additionally, unsubscription from the SurgicalMaster e-mail communication may also terminate access to all digital media.

All videos, audio files, Audio CDs, DVDs, text, methods, transcripts, Word documents, PDF files, images, logos and clinical photos are the sole property of Ziv Simon and Pranadent LLC. No copying, distributing, publishing, presenting and posting online as well as offline is permitted under the copyright law. All patented and patent-pending products, methods and techniques are protected by patent law.

This is a very elaborate educational clinical resource. Doctors are encouraged to use it wisely and carefully. Questions and comments are encouraged to ensure full understanding of the topics and particular methods in this training. Each doctor taking the training should use proper judgement, sound clinical decision with patient safety in high priority when performing the procedures discussed in this course.

For additional information in regards to any aspect of of this training, related products or other matters please contact