The SYSTEM: How to Confidently Plan & Execute the Most Important Surgical Procedures Every Dentist Needs to Know

From Dr. Ziv Simon, the creator of SurgicalMaster


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  • How to extract a fractured molar with a large abscess
  • How to handle the missing buccal plate with regeneration
  • How to plan and place a precise AND away from the nerve
  • How to preserve tissue with Implant flap design
  • The strategy of contour graft that is realistic and with no confusion
  • The mindset needed for confidence in extraction and grafting
  • How to control tissue levels with esthetic crown lengthening
  • The best strategy of esthetic soft tissue surgery
  • How to create clarity and eliminate fear and self-doubt 

"You have no idea what kind of an impact you have made on all of us and perhaps on me in particular. I always had a strong personality and presence when I discuss treatments with patients and anything I do in life. Now, I feel good about what and how I say it and the clarity and honest discussions I have with the patients is far better than before. It feels good and freeing to the soul. Thanks to you because your psychological approach is very effective."

Dr. Kamil Abou-Kheir
Super GP From Ottawa, Canada

"Read your book and I couldn't put it down. It was easy reading and motivating . It's like having a Tony Robins for surgery programming my brain. I look forward to your next book!"

Dr. Michael Kan
Auckland, New Zealand

"The SYSTEM is very much needed. It takes ages until we get it. This book helps to move faster! "

Dr. Snjezana Pohl
Oral surgeon and Periodontist, Croatia

"I want to congratulate you on the new e-book, and thank you for sharing it with me. I read it all, and really enjoyed it. Really inspirational! The fear of surgery is what I have experienced my whole professional life, with doctors fearing big cases or doing ortho, but we keep pushing to get every one to be their best and make dentistry a better profession. Keep it up, you are making a big difference in how dentists work and live."

Dr. David Dana, Prosthodontist a& Educator
Los Angeles, California

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